The Original BiKEDiCE is a New and Exiting Game consisting of 4 Dice with trick names on each side.

Play The Game Of B.i.K.E ! Have Fun with your friends!


The Game Of B.i.K.E is based on the basketball game of H.O.R.S.E or the game of S.K.A.T.E

The rules are basic and usually depend on skill level and location. Skatepark, Trails, street ect. Decide who goes first. The first rider rolls Bike-dice and attempts the trick or combo that shows up on the Dice. If the trick is landed everyone else playing must land the same trick. If the trick isn’t landed that player gets a letter B. Now the next player rolls Bike-dice and the process starts over.

The object of the Game Of B.i.K.E is to land the tricks so you don’t gain letters. Once you spell B.i.K.E your out of the game and the winner takes all.

If a trick or combo is too difficult you can roll Bike-dice again or pick individual tricks at your level. If you land on 1 SPROCKET or more,  choose any Trick or Combo.

Rules can be altered to your own taste, for example Rebates (another try).  Bike-dice can be played on any Bike.

From  Beginner to Pro with 2 or more players....   HAVE FUN! PROGRESS! RIDE!


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